Image-based closed-loop motor control

This was our final setup for the course Embedded System Laboratory, back then in summer 2013. It was always great to work in group with Prithivi Ram Duraisingam. Basically, the task is to make the red circle on the rotating wheel follow wherever the green mark moves. The problem was solved as follows. First, the movement of the green mark was captured by a webcam, which was controlled by Gumstix Overo Fire, an OMAP3530-based computer-on-module. Streaming of images from the webcam was then processed in order to track the position of the green mark. The Gumstix then told Altera DE0-Nano board to rotate the the smaller wheel, which was coupled with the larger one that has the red circle. To do its job, the Altera DE0-Nano board was programmed to have a CPU core and dedicated FPGA-based PWM controller and quadrature encoder. A digitally implemented PID controller was in charge to move the wheel as fast as possible with minimal overshoot.

It was quite a lot of pressure, considering the little time available and also the approaching of other assignment deadlines.There was an interesting experience during the work, and now that experience still remains in my mind. In the progress of our work, for unknown reasons our setup didn’t work. Debugging for days and night, but we could not find out what’s wrong. The codes and setups — everything looked fine.  But in the end it turned out that there was a very very small mistake that was hard to notice; a ‘1’ was in place of ‘I’. In some font types they looked the same. The feeling of relief after spotting the mistake was indescribable. From then on, we progressed pretty smoothly toward the end.

If you are interested, our final report can be found here.

And this post was on my FB wall after we finished our assignment. 🙂


It was not perfect. Sometimes the red circle went too far. Some tweaking was needed but we had not enough time. At least, the proof of concept had been shown. So we left it there, went home, and slept 🙂


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